Friday, September 5, 2014

The (moribund) New York Times says Chelsea art galleries are 'cold' and 'elitist' - more cliched baloney from a dying newspaper

One of the things that has always impressed me about the Chelsea art galleries is the kindness and openness of art gallery owners and staff.

I've been trekking through the galleries for more than a few years now and if you say 'Hi' to someone behind the desk at a gallery, you will generally get a big smile and an anecdote or two or more about the pieces in the show.

If you have the social skills to actually ask a question of a gallery staff member (pardon the sarcasm but this NY Times article leaves me guffawing more than most of the crap published there) you will get a thorough and thought-provoking answer. This has been the general situation there for years.

Most gallery owners get into this business because they love art. They are often there themselves behind the desks and they LOVE chatting about the artists they represent whether you are going to buy any pieces or not.

Furthermore, many of these galleries have public openings where free wine is served - they know that 95% of the people who show up are not going to put one penny in the gallery's coffers, but they shell out for this tradition anyway.  And further furthermore, anyone is welcome to drop in at any time (during business hours) and he or she may freely look at first rate art gratis and undisturbed.

But the New York Times, in its eagerness to present the latest cliched crap to middle-brow wanna-be readers (did I mention the whole newspaper would go down the toilet in two seconds without the continual funding of Carlos Slim, the world's richest man, who, naturally, would never expect the Times to promote any of his agendas), disregards the immense benefits the galleries serve in order to label these places elitist.

OK, they serve free wine to anyone who wants it on openings, they do not charge a penny for people to look at art, anyone is welcome to drop by, but they are elitist and cold.  OK< another brilliant insight from Carlos Slim's shitrag.

Damn, what happened to the New York Times?  I remember when this paper was worth something.

Here's the article in question:

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