Thursday, March 14, 2024

Public Sculpture in Kuala Lumpur - A Flower Launching a Flower Bomb?


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I am in Kuala Lumpur right now, and right outside of KL's City Hall is this public sculpture.

Of course, it shows one flower which has already bloomed and another bud about to open above it.

But it also kind of looks like a flower launching a bomb, doesn't it?

So I am hoping an artist sees this photo of this public sculpture and is inspired to tweak it a bit to have a flower guiding a literal sculpture of a bomb over itself.

Why? There's real political symbolism here. A flower guiding a bomb toward a destination could mean, for example, that the most violent countries tend to portray themselves as the guardians of peace.

I mean, the USA had a president who won the Nobel Peace Prize but then bombed 7 different foreign countries. 

I hope someone can tweak this work of art soon - it will be iconic.

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